Who is CIT? The Present and the Future of CIT Manufacturing

CIT Manufacturing

CIT Inc. is more than just the rapid response hospital beds that they’ve produced. Though this recent product has received a lot of attention, CIT is dedicated to so much more.

Originating in 1987, CIT became the solution to manufacturing needs from concept through production.  Now, CIT has over 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing reliable designs and design improvements. The CIT team has designed and manufactured OEM Cabs, lift gates, custom steel shipping racks and medical therapy tables, the rapid response hospital beds, and more.

The work at CIT never stops.

Currently, CIT has a new cab design that they are working on for Jarraff, which produces industrial tree trimming equipment for along roadways. This cab has a better overall ergonomic design that allows the operator a higher level of comfort so that they can accomplish more in the same amount of time. This particular cab also has a fresh more modernistic look to it. Since CIT is always working towards advancement, the team has developed fixtures that clamp the entire cab unit together prior to welding and rotates in different directions to allow for the most accurate welding possible.

This product should be out on the new piece of equipment by the third quarter of 2021.

Meanwhile, CIT is expanding their capabilities in aluminum welding so they can reach more clients. The company is sending 3 different welders to 2 weeks of training at the Hobart Welding Institute for AWS D1.2 Certification training.

This advance will allow CIT to take on and complete Aerospace products from customers like Rolls Royce.

CIT has already claimed leadership in steel returnable racks for the automotive industry. By increasing th`eir capabilities in Aerospace welding through training and new robotic welding options, CIT hopes to claim leadership in this field, too.

Manufacturing innovation is CIT’s goal. Their efforts stop at nothing to make that goal a reality.