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CIT has proven to be successful in creating the highest quality products for clients over the last 30 years. How do they do it? With a quality strategy that meets ISO requirements and puts clients first, as well as by implementing quality control strategies throughout the entire manufacturing process. These are the three key elements in CIT’s quality strategy.

Manage expectations

CIT builds in quality up front with state of the art equipment and fixturing by setting and managing expectations from the very beginning of the production process. They also use reputable suppliers to purchase the needed materials for production of finished products.Through the use of the highest quality equipment, CIT sets great expectations for its products.

Aligning the team to objectives through one-on-one training

One-on-one training helps to not only create a solid, unified and well-informed team but also guarantees that employees are aware of objectives and expectations during the manufacturing process. CIT trains and properly instructs employees to assure that they understand the expectations of each component that they make.

Developing long term goals and metrics

During the design and manufacturing review meetings, CIT develops and plans the quality controls to be used during manufacturing. This method ensures that quality can be properly measured both throughout and after completion of the process.

CIT’s quality strategy creates results that benefit the customer above all. With this quality strategy in place, CIT customers can expect a higher, consistent quality of the products and services provided by CIT. This strategy also means that products come at a lower cost to customers and quality products are delivered on time and meet customer expectations.