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In case you missed it, CIT recently featured the cab that it produces for Mitsubishi at the CONEXPO Show. 

According to Dave Mahan, Senior Program Manager, CIT’s cab is not like the rest of them.

“What’s really unique about this cab is that it’s comparable to a tilt cab except that both sides open completely. So you just have engage the latch on both sides in order to completely open the side panels in order to reach the engine,” Mahan said.  

The way the side mechanism works, you can access the engine from either side of the cab. This slight distinction makes a big difference in the long run. It’s easier for maintenance departments to gain access to the engine this way, making repairs simple and the upkeep process smoother and more efficient.

This is a big win for the industry as CIT continues to showcase its ability to create innovative, cost-effective and quality cabs and other manufactured goods for the automotive industry.

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