At CIT, we develop solutions for our customers based on the end product use; safety requirements, customer plant manufacturing processes and cost targets. We don’t make assumptions. We ask questions to ensure that we understand each individual customer’s needs. After all, understanding is the key to developing effective and successful solutions.

Our customized process allows us to design solutions that optimize safety, cost and quality of parts. CIT’s complete turnkey approach (from concept initiation through volume production) significantly reduces the time and effort expended by our customers, enabling them to focus on other matters. In some cases, our customers have a specific design in mind. Others just have a broad view of what they’re trying to accomplish. Either way, our team of sales executives and professional engineers can design and engineer custom solutions. We can receive customers’ designs electronically, or we can design based on an actual part or part print.

We specialize in design, prototype development and manufacturing for steel shipping racks and containers, cabs and canopies, and medical therapy tables, lift gates, and tooling. We also do modification and repair of shipping racks and containers, including dunnage. Other services include custom design work utilizing the latest version of SolidWorks design software, fixtures, CNC machining and miscellaneous weldment production.

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