Now where do we get our gadgets?

The scene is set. You sit in your aisle seat hopefully toward the front of the plane so that it is easier for restroom breaks and getting off the plane at your arrival. The very courteous stewardess is asking you to get the pamphlet out so that you can learn how to turn your seat into a flotation device (I’m still skeptical) and put your oxygen mask on before helping others scream for their life. What is the next thing you do?? In case you didn’t purchase a magazine in the airport for $35 and you forgot your own reading material…… You grab the SkyMall right? Because everyone wants to see all the handy dandy items they should have purchased for comfort for their flight, or those moon shoes you wanted as a kid. Well folks I hate to tell you, but the internet and handy cheaper ways of purchasing have put another business out. No more SkyMall. Now where on earth am I going to get that Ostrich Pillow I had my eye on? (see pic below)
This does make us all look at the way businesses are forced to market and run. Those that wanted to purchase items from SkyMall forgot all about the items once off the plane. Had they been more cost friendly and marketed to folks sitting on their couch with wifi could they have lasted? Possibly. Even smaller local businesses still need a little edge with a Facebook account and website as a few ways to make themselves more searchable on the web.