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HAPPY MONDAY!! I know I know. Mondays are typically not our favorite. We all struggle to get motivation, optimism, and most of all good positive attitudes. Well you absolutely HAVE to watch this video it will help put you in a better mood. According to a blog post by Dale Carnegie a great training source, “Very little, if anything, is gained out of negativity. Conversely, a positive attitude can improve all aspects of your work life. Those who display and maintain a positive attitude tend to see career success, a reduction in stress, tend to be healthier, more motivated and enjoy stronger interpersonal relations — not just in the workplace, but also in life.” Who couldn’t use that??

I challenge you all to wake up and be like this girl in the video about your day like we did when we were young. =) #BePositive




Thirteen years ago our country lost a piece of history and many lives. Those who were just in their morning commute to work, those who were riding on a plane, those who lay their lives down every single day for others.

At CIT we haven’t forgotten, and we won’t. Thank you to all who have sacrificed and will continue to sacrifice for our freedom. Our thoughts go out today for all involved.

This picture is priceless. Thanks   The marks and burns in the flag represent our country. You can tear and try and burn it, but it stays unified… UNITED States of America

HYDRATION!!! A holiday weekend is coming up and many will be outside playing cornhole (like CIT employees will be Friday), family picnics, celebrating in remembrance for the holiday, and just plain spending time in the sun. Remember when it is as hot and humid out, you have to make sure you stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and if you already have some dehydration…. boost it with a sports drink with electrolytes (see fun video below). =)

Hydration is extremely crucial to your entire body but especially your heart. “It’s critical for your heart health.
Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles. And, it helps the muscles remove waste so that they can work efficiently”, according to the American Heart Association.  This means less muscle cramping and fatigue that can ruin your weekend.

Even though Manning encourages it, you don’t have to sweat it to get it. Stay hydrated friends!


For more information from the Heart Association on hydration, see below

American Heart Association

At CIT we are constantly figuring out new ways to improve on time, efficiency, and quality.  The video below is of our new automated Drill and Tap machine that we designed, built, and even have touch screen installed to run. If you watch this machine is taking our 1 x 1 pieces of metal and first drilling the ends, then it moves them to the front to be tapped.  The machine itself saves 2 minutes per part over using our manual way where there is more room for error and was taking 3 minutes per part before.

Ask CIT how our innovative ideas can help with your fabrication needs.



Upon hearing the news of an amazing and influential actor passing, I can recall how inspiring his words and movies have always been.
Sometimes we all are in need of reminders in personal and especially professional life of persistence. This article has 52 of the best quotes for persistence. 52 weeks in a year, coincidence? I think not. Print these and each week make one your focus for the week and tape it to your monitor if that helps. Words and ideas CAN change the world.






I don’t want to name names, but I’m sure many of you have heard about the customer service incident that went GLOBAL via the internet this week.
So this week let’s talk customer service. Below is a nice little read. Most people even if they like your product, service, or company in general will let customer service incidents affect their position on continuing business, ESPECIALLY if there are close competitors. In professional relationships, having the last word is not NEARLY as important as having a great working relationship and continuing business. Even if they are wrong (which the customer never is) it is better to value the customer and resolve the situation. Hmm not too bad advice for those personal relationships either. =)

Excuse me as I deliberately disrupt you! Did you know Nokia once upon a time made rubber boots, and that Samsung used to have low quality technology? Times have changed, but mainly because “those companies that were bold enough to burn down their businesses, defy their success and reinvent themselves for future victories.” All through deliberate disruption.


See the article below, it is a great read.

For some of us/ you it is quarter end and semi-annual report time. Your  brain may be overworked and over used.. Take a break and check out this video on Brain Power. It’s pretty magical (pun intended).

or see their website for other great videos too.


The weather is getting warmer, for drivers this means we will have so many more obstacles, such as bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds, and pedestrians.  It is tough enough to keep our eye on the road and not get distracted from our surroundings. Please don’t use your phone as an additional distraction.


Five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting. When traveling at 55mph, that’s enough time to cover the length of a football field. (2009, VTTI) 

Watch the attached YouTube Video of a Volkswagen commercial… and remember it only takes a few seconds of distraction

Have a safe spring/ summer friends!

28 May / 2014

Try something new for 30 days. Whether it be to start a new good habit, quit an old one, or condition yourself to a new project, small changes are more apt to stick. This is a must see video


New for 30 days