Why CIT Builds Robots

When there’s a need in the market, CIT looks to meet it.

There was a noticeable lack in the robotics market and instead of sitting by and letting someone else handle it, CEO Kim Wuertemberger decided his team would solve the problem and start creating robots of their own. CIT builds robots for several reasons: cost, custom application, efficiency for the client and offered flexibility.


From a cost standpoint as they surveyed the market, CIT couldn’t find anything to fit its needs and the cost was just too expensive. So, instead of outsourcing robotics, they designed and built their own at a more affordable price.  

Custom application

There’s a very specific need around the manufacturing of returnable shipping racks, cabs and liftgates and, at the time, there was nothing in the marketplace that was able to fit this need. By implementing custom robotics, CIT’s clients can now have their own individual needs met.


By implementing a robotics system, CIT is able to create efficiency for the client instead of having parts manufactured from several different places. By not outsourcing robotics, CIT is giving customers not only a more cost-effective solution, but a more efficient one as well.


Customer robotics systems allow CIT to give customers the flexibility to utilize robotics for racks or fully welded cabs.

CEO Kim Wuertemberger focuses primarily on the small details that help make the big picture happen within the company. When these small details come together, CIT is able to provide top-notch custom robotics that are cost-effective, efficient and flexibly offered.

“I’m basically a shop floor kind of guy,” Wuertemberger said. “You’re most likely to find me working with our team on process improvement or reverse engineering. I’m obsessed with the details of how things work with safety and efficiency, and of course, we have to think about profitability- not just our own, but our clients’ profitability. It’s this type of design and process thinking that has been at the heart of our success.”