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Adapting, innovating, and producing materials crucial for society in some of the most trying times our nation has ever faced; the Contract Industrial Tooling team rose to the occasion and found a way to be part of the solution. CIT is proud to be the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2020 Corporation of the Year Award recipient. 

At the height of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, when hospital beds were at capacity and frontline workers were spending every waking hour caring for sick patients, it took an all-hands-on-deck approach to creating solutions for unprecedented problems. 

The CIT team was ready, willing, and able when the call came that they may be a part of the solution during the height of the pandemic when asked to create a rapid response bed for hospitals in many different cities all over the United States. 

Within two weeks, the team designed the beds, built prototypes, and tested these designs to ensure that they were of utmost quality. Within three weeks, the project was in full-swing “from scoop to nuts”, and the first beds were built. 

Chamber Board Member, Randy Templin spoke on this, stating, “I think all businesses have to adapt and have to change […] 2020 brought the need to adapt and change even more prevalent, and I think about CIT’s ability to fabricate and to do different change for their customer base,” he continued, “But to change on a dime and really to solve a need for what society needed and what demand was, was pretty neat.”

Weekends, evenings, and nights spent perfecting the design and execution of these beds was not only something that the CIT team did willingly, but with a zeal that demonstrated the extraordinary dedication and talent that the entire team possesses. 

This award is not about one individual or the company itself. Rather the team and the part each person plays in the success of this project, and all others. The CIT team has proven their excellence time and time again. This time their resiliency shone in sticking together to be a part of the solution during this difficult time. 

So what makes a winner of this award? Templin said that the winning team must be innovative, forward-thinking, profit-minded, and employee focused. Customer focus is most important. 

The Contract Industrial Tooling team is all of this and more, and are deserving recipients of this honor.