Acquiring Clients and Building Relationships at CIT

Building Relationships

Quality focused. Client driven. These are the words that CIT Inc. lives by.

As the one stop shop for all manufacturing needs, CIT is dedicated to giving their clients the best. After all, without their clients, CIT wouldn’t exist.

When CIT sees someone in need, they reach out. To make their services known, CIT attends trade shows and works to maintain a social media presence. When a potential client presents themselves, these outlets offer great opportunity to network and form a relationship before the work even begins.

The customer either presents their idea to CIT or helps form the idea in a brainstorming meeting. Then, CIT takes on the bulk of the work. The team comes up with concepts that fulfill their customers’ specific, individual need for that product. The design, the changes, the prototype, and the production are all in the hands of CIT, all while keeping the client in mind and in the loop.

CIT cares about their customers and wants them to feel valued and included. They stay in constant contact with their current customers by sending out updated schedules on a weekly basis. This communication keeps the client informed and gives them the opportunity to share their questions and concerns, whenever they arise.

CIT doesn’t just take an assignment and run with it. They listen. They care. A client should never have to anxiously wonder about the status of their product. CIT makes sure that never happens.

Of course, CIT works hard to maintain a good reputation and relationship with their customers. This means that recommendations just flow in. Clients recommend the team to their friends because they’re beyond satisfied with the experience they’ve had.

So, it’s not surprising that CIT has long standing relationship with many of their clients. Some clients are clients for life, leading to new opportunities all the time. But CIT’s positive client relationship isn’t about bringing in business. It’s about making sure that the CIT team is doing all they can to offer the best product possible.

The products are important, but everything starts with the customer. That’s why CIT is quality focused, and client driven.