The CIT Story


Kim Wuertemberger has never chosen the easy route in life. Twenty five years ago, he decided to start his own business – a tool shop – and that it was going to be the best one ever. Kim’s background was in tooling and based on his customer experience, he launched the business in Dayton. That’s how our company started.

Today, CIT is working with some of the most advanced, sophisticated manufacturing brands in the world. Our story manifests some of the truest and most pure American ideals: free enterprise, building something from scratch, small business, ingenuity, and continuously creating and improving customer experiences.

“I’m basically a shop floor kind of guy. You’re most likely to find me working with our team on process improvement or reverse engineering. I’m obsessed with the details of how things work with safety and efficiency, and of course, we have to think about profitability- not just our own, but our clients’ profitability. It’s this type of design and process thinking that has been at the heart of our success” says Kim.

Beyond the dream of building a successful business, Kim has been fueled by a burning passion to give his very best. Whether it has been adding new technologically, advanced machinery, hiring the most talented people possible, putting everything on the line, personally and financially, identifying and delivering what clients are looking for, Kim and CIT have unwaveringly pursued a vision of greater customer experiences.

This vision now includes design, prototyping, manufacturing and meeting world-class quality standards. Sure, it’s a commitment to engineering, but most of all it’s a commitment to people and Kim’s dream – of being the best. Perhaps it is this commitment and Kim’s roots that have kept our eye on the goal and helped CIT sustain its modesty while delivering unexpectedly positive results.

Two of the most significant core values, which are embedded deep inside the CIT DNA, are innovation and staying focused on the customer – everyday. This is the very simple philosophy that everyone at CIT lives by: Stay Customer Focused. Everyday.

When you think this way and maintain absolute integrity, anything is possible.


Leading the field in innovative manufacturing is possible with CIT’s strategic leadership and a strong professional team. Our team strives to be a customer centered organization and to provide an unbeatable product.

Kim is a brave and relentless visionary; he started CIT in a garage, and over the years it has transformed into a state of the art manufacturing powerhouse, that has some of the largest global brands as its customers.

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